Follow the blazing path of Nabeel as he attempts to get his comic book published

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Introducing The Author

So you may be asking why the hell was this blog created? After procrastinating on History homework and reading Basketball player Paul Shirely's Blog entries at is by far the best blog ever. EVER) I was inspired to create my own journal. Now as much as I wish, I have neither the athletic ability or the enthusiasm to play on a school basketball team or learn their plays. But still I love the sport and do play for fun. Though that's really aside from the point.

You see I'm pursuing being a comic book writer. The problem is because I have no experience writing, professionally so if I send in a submission to a big company such as Marvel or DC it'll be canned. There are smaller companies like Avatar or Speakeasy that will take submissions for not just their characters, but characters that are made by the submiter. This now brings us to my biggest obstacle yet, art. You see the sumbission is unlikely to get accepted unless I have accompanying art and about 5-10 pages of the first issue. I'd consider myself alright at drawing, but I'm not that delusional that I think I could work professionally as an artist. So I've tried contacting artists with little results. On the side I've been trying to start up a fan comic project based on the 80s toys Transformers, I've luckily had slightly more success with that because I've managed to get a lot of talented people together. Though we have some stuff done, we want to get a few issues done so we can at least release those more fully.

I've been active online for about a year or two trying to pick up any advice from those in the industry(that's comic for those of you who don't know) on writing, how to breakthrough, Indy publishing and other topics. The internet attracts many odd balls(possibly including me?)I've also had a few odd experiences here and there and will relay them here. Though it may not be too often so I'll probably comment on other things I guess. I'll expand on things a little more so I have something to write about. So yup, this is me procrastinating and writing my memoirs -insert A Million Little Pieces joke here-.